Join the Daily Bruin, one of the most award-winning campus news organizations in the country. We will train you, introduce you to professional mentors, and prepare you for a career in journalism or any other field. After you've proven yourself, you can even be paid for your work. After graduation, join our alumni at places like the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, NPR, Google, prestigious graduate schools and endless other networks. The Daily Bruin editorial team has 13 editorial departments: news writing, sports writing, arts & entertainment writing, opinion writing, news radio, graphics reporting, blogging, online development, video journalism, copy editing, photojournalism, page design, and cartoon and illustration. **IMPORTANT: You can only submit an application for one section.**

News Reporter Closed

The news writing and reporting internship is meant for students interested in working for the Daily Bruin news department as a news reporter. News reporters may also choose to specialize in science writing.

Arts & Entertainment Reporter Closed

The arts writing and reporting internship is meant for students interested in working for the Daily Bruin's arts and entertainment section and blog. The arts & entertainment section covers on- and off-campus developments in music, film, art, theater, dance and culture. This includes event previews, features on UCLA students, faculty and alumni making their mark in the industry and reviews of albums, movies and plays. Spotlight, the arts & entertainment blog, will cover these same beats while also focusing on more informal content, such as Q&A's with members of the entertainment world.

Copy Editor Closed

The Daily Bruin copy editing internship is meant for students interested in ensuring that all content is clear, complete and correct. The copy section makes the final edits in the paper's text - which is called "copy" in newspaper jargon - before it is printed. Copy editors protect the paper against lawsuits by looking for libel, write headlines and proof layouts. Copy editors also work closely with all of the newsroom's sections, from Design to writing sections, in order to produce a quality paper.

Photojournalist Closed

The photojournalism internship is meant for students interested in working for the Daily Bruin photography department.

Cartoonist/Illustrator Closed

Cartoonists contribute cartoons to the paper's Opinion section, and Illustrators draw, paint or even sculpt art work to represent the content of written stories in various sections. Not all applicants will be accepted. Those who are accepted are guaranteed an opportunity to create cartoons and illustrations for the Daily Bruin.

Radio Journalist Closed

The Daily Bruin Radio Reporting Internship gives you the chance to report on campus news, sports, and A&E in the style of public radio journalism. From storytelling to breaking news to our live talk show; Daily Bruin Radio offers an exciting opportunity to explore news through the unique medium of radio.

Online Developer Closed

Mission statement

The Online department has two goals:
  1. To keep and our blogs working well, looking great, and up to date. The online department is responsible for uploading content to the website and helping every section in the newsroom take advantage of the site.
  2. To make interactive news: online “articles” that take advantage of web technologies to show news in a format that is more engaging and easier to understand.


Here are a few of the projects we’ve made:

The internship

Interns produce content on a regular basis, attend meetings and engage in daily production of the publication. This ranges from short online features (interactive stories, audio slideshows, etc.) to large, long-term projects such as elections coverage and international packages. In addition, interns are responsible for nightly production of the next day’s print edition, including social media posts, photography/visual components and SEO.

We accept applicants from all backgrounds so don’t worry if you don’t have experience in all areas. However, if you would like to (or are learning) learn more about a particular subject, please indicate that in your application.

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Sports Reporter Closed

The sports writing and reporting internship is meant for students interested in working for the Daily Bruin sports department as a sports reporter.

Opinion Columnist Closed

The opinion writing internship is meant for students interested in becoming Daily Bruin opinion columnists. Our columnists cover a wide variety of topics including student government, higher education funding and social and cultural issues.

Page Designer Closed

The design internship is meant for students interested in working for the Daily Bruin design department. Designers lay out the pages of the Daily Bruin. They collect photos, graphics, illustrations, stories and other elements and put them together to deliver content visually to readers in an organized, effective and creative way. The design section also recruits artists for editorial cartoons and illustrations. The department is accepting illustrators for the illustration part of the design department. This application is available on the "Cartoons and Illustration" page.

Graphics Reporter Closed

As a graphics reporter on the Daily Bruin, you will create visuals to tell stories. Have you ever seen an infographic in a magazine or a detailed schematic in a newspaper? That sort of content is produced by graphics reporters. The Graphics section is unique because it can accommodate many different backgrounds, since almost every division of the paper needs infographics. Statisticians, scientists, artists, designers and anyone with a passion for journalism has the potential to be an excellent graphics reporter. If you are accepted, you can look forward to training by a professional graphic artist from the Los Angeles Times, a highly knowledgeable staff to work alongside, and many dynamic additions to your portfolio. No prior experience is required.

Video Journalist Closed

Daily Bruin Video is the award-winning video journalism department of the Daily Bruin newspaper. We give budding journalists the opportunity to film, edit and tell visually compelling stories for news, sports, and arts & entertainment as we move forward into the exciting new frontier of video journalism.

Blogger Closed

The Online section is seeking passionate, web-savvy writers to help develop the Daily Bruin’s online presence. Online reporting interns will be regular contributors to our mobile journalism blog, Mojo. They will also help upload content to our site, manage social media and contribute to long-term multimedia projects, such as a weekly news and culture video blog. The online reporting internship is an exciting opportunity to learn the most relevant, up-to-date skills and practices that are in demand in the world of professional media.